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"Sebastian Childe: Unplugged!"
A One-Act One-Man Musical By Nate Butler
"Sebastian Childe: Unplugged!" is a one-man musical written and performed by Nate Butler. The show is essentially a monologue by washed-up spook rocker Sebastian Childe, who is forced to go on and and perform a concert despite the fact that his whole band has quit that very morning. Alone onstage, Sebastian tells stories of why his band deserted him, where his career started, and what his life has become, all the while interweaving songs he's written in the past, plus lots of stories about old girlfriends.

"Sebastian Childe: Unplugged!" was first performed as part of Fresno's first Rogue Performance Festival in 2001.
Music from "Sebastian Childe: Unplugged!"

All of the songs in "Sebastian Childe: Unplugged!" were written by Nate Butler. Although no audio recordings of the show are currently available, some of the show's songs have been recorded elsewhere. Below you can link to and hear and download about half the songs from the show; some were recorded with solo piano and voice, and others with a band.
Make Yourself
from "Nate Butler: Unmade"

from "Nate Butler: Unmade"

Breeze Around the Bay
from "Nate Butler: Unmade"

from "Bigger & Crazier Than Me"

Be My Mom
from "Bigger & Crazier Than Me"

Crazier Than Me
from "Bigger & Crazier Than Me"
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