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"Double Doors bring the Morrison vibe"

by Mike Osegueda, The Fresno Bee
Friday July 1, 2011
In the handful of years, he's been fronting local Doors tribute band The Double Doors, Nate Butler has learned the magnetic appeal of Jim Morrison.

"When I'm in the costume, women treat me like I'm a sex god," Butler says. "The minute the show is over, and that stuff comes off, those same women don't even look at me. It's not me; it's Jim. They're in love with Jim."

Still. They're still in love with Morrison. On Sunday, it'll be 40 years since Morrison died, and like they do each year, The Double Doors will mark the anniversary with a live concert.

Of the two or three times the band plays each year, this is the most involved. It starts with Morrison coming back to life and ends, three and a half hours later, with him dying again.
Nate Butler as Lizard King Jim Morrison

So it's not just any cover gig for Butler , a veteran local musician. For The Double Doors, he calls on his local theater background just as much as his musical chops.

"I don't become him," Butler says. "But I try to get that vibe into my bones. The way he stands, the way he holds his head, the way he holds a microphone, it's all completely different from the way Nate Butler does it."

He gears up by listening to Doors music for weeks ahead of the show, watching old concert footage of Morrison – even watching the films that Morrison made.

"From the moment I come on stage, I have to behave like Jim until the moment I walk off stage, and if I don't, it destroys the illusion," Butler says. "People know it's not him, but they enjoy the conceit."

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