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Nate Butler Videos
Below are links to YouTube videos featuring Nate Butler. Click on any link to watch the video on YouTube.
"Fight Me, Helen"

Nate Butler live on Chuck Leonard's Central Valley Buzz, Tuesday August 18, 2015.

On his 50th birthday, Nate Butler appeared on Chuck Leonard's Central Valley Buzz to perform a brand-new song called "Fight Me, Helen." This song was written in late July 2015 by request for a friend who wanted a song to go with her own catch-phrase 'Fight me, Helen', and no, Nate doesn't know anyone named Helen.

Hear Nate's home demo of "Fight Me Helen".
"Alien" (Acoustic) - Britney Spears Cover

We were in the studio recording my new album, and decided to take a break to do something different. And for me, 'something REALLY different' is to record a cover of a Britney Spears song (which I happen to love). Recorded and filmed June 2015.
"Captain Hook's Song" from the 2009 Children's Musical Theaterworks production of "Peter Pan"

Nate Butler as Captain Hook, reprising his role from the previous year's production of "Peter Pan" at CMT, Fresno, California.

Read the glowing review of "Peter Pan" here.
Nate Butler & The Suede Mouse Trio
Live at Club Fred, November 2000


Be My Mom

Book of Matches

Crazier Than Me


Nate Butler - piano, vocal
Renee Caffee - percussion
Jeffrey S. Fetters - electric guitar, vocals
Donny Marvin - drums
Rich McCulley - acoustic guitar, vocals
Dave Norris - bass, vocals