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Nate Butler as Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Children's Musical Theaterworks, December 2009
Nate Butler as Captain Hook with his pirate crew, Peter Pan, Children's Musical Theaterworks, December 2009
Nate Butler On Stage: The Early Years
above: In one of my favorite costumes as The Emperor in The Nightengale; Fresno Children's Playhouse,
at Roeding Park Storyland' s Pinocchio Theater, September 1976.
above left: Taking a break from The Nightengale, September 1976.

above center and right: As Gub-Gub The Pig in Dr. Doolittle, Fresno Children's Playhouse. Those girls playing The Pushme-Pullyou were literally tied together at the waist, making walking very difficult for them.
above: Romantic comedy with Amy Rider in 6 Rms Riv Vu; Fresno City College, July 1991.
above left: 'Paging' Sleeping Beauty; Fresno Children's Playhouse at Roeding Park Storyland, May 1976.

above center: As Homer Macauley in the world premiere of William Saroyan's The Human Comedy;
Fresno Community Theater, Sept. 1981; pictured with Ken Greene and Ted Esquivel. Read a review of the play.
As Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, shown with Russel Taylor as Charlie; Fresno Playhouse, Inc., June/July 1990.
above center and right: Performing science demonstrations as Coordinator For Public Programming at The Fresno Metropolitan Museum, 1994. It was also my duty to train teenagers to create and perform new demonstrations.
Nate's one-man show Sebastian Childe: Unplugged! at the STARLINE, 2003.

Read more about Sebastian Childe: Unplugged!
"The Rocky Horror Show" band, Artists Repertory Theater, November 2008.
(l-r) Tim Pugsley (keyboards), Nate Butler (bass), John Koontz (drums, Music Director), Randall Zamoerski (guitar), Joshua Howk (piano).
Nate Butler as Captain Hook in "Peter Pan", Musical Theaterworks Fresno, December 2008.