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Stream & Download Nate Butler's Original Music
Nate Butler
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Hear "Remade" on BandCamp:
1. Already Gone
2. I Can Keep a Secret
3. Sync or Swim

Buy the sheet music for "Sync or Swim" here
4. Be Lagom
Buy the sheet music for "Be Lagom" here
5. Aftershock
Buy the sheet music for "Aftershock" here
6. Let It Go
7. Josefin (Be My Sister)
Buy the sheet music for "Josefin (Be My Sister)" here
8. Make Yourself
Buy the sheet music for "Make Yourself" here
9. Wouldn't Bet the World
Buy the sheet music for "Wouldn't Bet the World" here
10. Home
Cover photo taken by Marc Blake
Produced & engineered by
Tweed S. Jefferson at QPop Radio Studio.
"Bigger & Crazier Than Me"
Nate Butler
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Hear "Bigger & Crazier Than Me" on BandCamp:
1. Coffee At Night
2. Cain Rose Up (I Hate Menthols)
Buy the sheet music for "Cain Rose Up" here
3. Crazier Than Me
4. Be My Mom
5. Book Of Matches
6. Bigger
7. Breeze Around The Bay
Buy the sheet music for "Breeze Around the Bay" here
8. Nothing
9. All Through Tonight
10. Nothing (instr. coda)
"Everyone Sing Fa-La-La"
(CD single 2001)

Read a Fresno Bee article about why and how this song was written.

Read two Fresno Bee articles about Nate Butler's Mmm-Mmm- Christmas.

See photos of Mmm-Mmm Christmas' past.
(left) Nate Butler and Blake Jones in a photo
from the Fresno Bee article.
"Cryonic Freeze: A Tales of Young Robert Archive"
Tales of Young Robert, 1986-89
1. Home (live May 1989)
2. National Geographic (live May 1989)
3. Snow (live May 1989)
4. Love On A Sinking Ship (live May 1989)
5. Almost Always (live May 1989)
6. Heart of the Matter (live May 1989)
7. Under Capricorn (live May 1989)
8. Just A Little Girl? (live May 1989)
9. Speed Intentions (live May 1989)
10. Intercontinental Bus (live)
11. Honestly Convinced (rehearsal)
12. Train (demo 1989)
13. Any Street (demo)
14. Cryonics (live Sept 1988)
15. Tales of Young Robert Back-To-School Radio Promo (8-31-89)
16. Tales of Young Robert 'Heart of the Matter' Radio Promo (9-16-88)
17. Tales of Young Robert Thanksgiving Radio Promo (11-24-88)
18. Tales of Young Robert Halloween Radio promo (10-31-89)
19. Tales of Young Robert Christmas Radio Promo Outtake - Dec 1988
20. Tales of Young Robert Final Xmas Show Radio Promo (12-28-89)
"What Goes Around Comes Around"
Tales of Young Robert, 1989
1. Groceries
2. Cryonics
3. It Is What It Wasn't
4. Noise Shy
5. Big Lie
6. Lon Chaney
7. Hell Night At The Dream Factory
8. Pied Piper
9. Company's Coming
10. Manifest Destiny
"Flippin' Wig"
Strip Twister, 1991
1. My Fall (live at The Wild Blue)
2. Deal With It
3. To Surf Is To Live (live at The Wild Blue)
4. Stability
5. Fine (live at The Wild Blue)
6. Contradiction
7. Get It On (live at The Wild Blue)
8. You Are Here
Quadrapop, 1996
1. Break Out The Bones
Buy the sheet music for "Break Out the Bones" here
2. Already Gone
3. Messiah
4. The Lonely Hall
Nate Butler
CD album recorded live
at The Daily Planet, 1999
recorded live at Audie's Olympic
September 26, 2008

Why Don't You Do Right
My Funny Valentine
Falling Dream
God Bless the Child

Classic Rock played Ska Style
Recorded live at Audie's Olympic on Halloween, October 31, 2009

Fat Albert Theme / Walk This Way
Working For The Weekend
Breakfast In America
Head Like A Hole
Adam Lee (drums), Darren Fletcher (keyboards & vocals),
Nate Butler (bass & vocals), Jeffrey S. Fetters (guitar & vocals)
All words & music to Nate Butler songs Copyright © 2001, © 2002, © 2003, © 2004, © 2005,
© 2008, © 2014 and by Nate Butler. All rights reserved.

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