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• Review of "The Human Comedy" (FCT 1981)
• Review of "6 Rms Riv Vu" (FCC 1991)
• Review of "Peter Pan" (CMT 2008)
• Review of "Peter Pan" (CMT 2009)
• Review of "Hamlet" (TNE 2012)
Photos of Early Shows (1976-2000)
Sebastian Childe: Unplugged! (A One-Man Show)

"Allt för Sverige" (Swedish Reality TV Show)

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The Beetles
The Double Doors Official Website
The Suicide Lounge Official Website
Rasta Pasta
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Music By Nate Butler on
Bigger & Crazier Than Me (album)
Unmade (album)
"Everyone Sing Fa-La-La" (single 2001)
STRIP TWISTER Flippin' Wig (album)
TALES OF YOUNG ROBERT What Goes Around Comes Around
TALES OF YOUNG ROBERT LIVE Cryonic Freeze: A Tales of Young Robert Archive (album)

Music Director/Musician in Theater
"The Fantasticks" (ART 2009)
"HAIR" (MTF 2010)
"The Rocky Horror Show Live!" (ART 2008)
"The Rocky Horror Show Live!" (ART 2012)
"Nate Butler's Mmm-Mmm Christmas"

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