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"Allt för Sverige" Season Four 2014

The cast of "Allt för Sverige" Season Four: (back row l-r) John Olson, George Strid; (middle row l-r) Troy Bankford, Nick Jones, Leslie Ann Longoria, Courtney Schlagel, Nate Butler, Jennette Blakeslee Landes; (front row l-r) Katie Malik, Amanda Vinicky
In the summer of 2014, Nate Butler traveled to Sweden to participate in Season Four of the Swedish reality TV show "Allt för Sverige" ("Everything for Sweden"). Nate was one of ten Americans go in search of their Swedish roots. You can discover Nate's family history, too, in Episode 6 (at the link below).
You can view all eight episodes of "Allt för Sverige" Season Four online. They are 98% in English with Swedish subtitles.

To watch the show, go to this link:

Scroll down to and select "2014: Säsong 4" [Season 4]

Choose any Episode

You will be asked for a password; enter "alltforsverige"


Download the radio broadcast of Nate's Dec. 7 2014 appearance on The KFSR Local Show with Julie & Brian! Nate plays songs from his Sweden-inspired 2014 album "Remade" and talks about his experience of being on a Swedish reality TV show.
Nate Butler in Sweden,
May 2014.
Meet the cast of "Allt för Sverige" 2014!
My nine cast-mates on "Allt för Sverige" Season Four are the coolest people you would ever want to meet. You can follow their lives and careers post-show by visiting their Facebook pages at the links below.
Katie Malik
Download Katie's album
"Live at Urban Grace"
Courtney Schlagel
Hear Courtney's original song "Hello & Goodbye"
Hear Courtney's cover of "The Days"